About Ketchum Food Practice

We are a group of passionate foodies, living and breathing food marketing, and we've been doing that for more than 60 years. Ketchum is a full service PR consultancy customized for food and beverage clients. Our European team works with many food companies navigating issues and opportunities that matter.

Our ability to find solutions to business problems sets us apart from competitors. Whether extracting motivational meaning from complicated science or adding zest to new product launches, Ketchum forms simple, actionable and shareable stories…helping you move minds, change perceptions and spark behaviors.

We have a network of nutritional experts who are on hand to help us stay out in front of regulations, research and trends. Our expertise in crisis and issues management has helped us counsel companies through many of the industries toughest issues. We are the only PR agency with a state of the art food studio geared for digital content creation and innovation.

About Ketchum Amsterdam

Ketchum Amsterdam was founded in 1983 and has grown into an international, leading communications agency. Our agency has a broad portfolio from kiwis to coffee and from food retailers to strawberries and tonic water. For these clients, Ketchum Amsterdam offers an extensive range of services: corporate and brand PR, issues and crisis communications, storytelling, real time & social marketing and organizing events.

Examples of our work include the opening of the biological pop-up store for the largest Dutch food retailer, Albert Heijn, and the launch of the limited edition Peruvian coffee by Nespresso during a haute cuisine dinner in cooperation with a Peruvian Michelin Star Chef. Both projects resulted in high visibility and triggered active engagement among the target group. These projects underline what Ketchum Amsterdam stands for: good food with a great story.

Both passionate, energetic and fully engaged in the food sector, Kim Zoon and Isabel Boerdam, a vegetarian food blogger, lead the Food Practice at Ketchum Amsterdam.



Albert Heijn provides all ingredients for everyday life. We develop high quality innovative drink and food solutions that help solve the daily food puzzle for all consumers. With over 900 stores in the Netherlands & Belgium and over 27.000 articles on sale online we are open 24/7. We aim to offer the most sustainable products, because we care about the well -being of people, animals and the environment.


The growth of the world population from seven to nine billion leads to global food issues. Research and innovation in the food sector are of crucial importance. With Wageningen University and Research Center as the beating heart, Food Valley NL plays an important role as a leading knowledge and innovation cluster. Food Valley NL boosts Dutch companies with the power to innovate by connecting and cooperating with companies, knowledge institutes and government. Also Food Valley NL is there to offer assistance to start-ups in the agrifood sector by supporting the initiative of StartLife.


Founded as a Dutch co-operative in the 1890s by farmers, Rabobank Group is today a global leader in financial services, recognized for its Food & Agri (F&A) focus, sound capital structure and sustainable business practices. Rabobank considers food and agriculture as its core business, and has an unrivalled global expertise and unique insights in the above fields. This role has been made possible in part by the bank's extensive knowledge of the many links in the food chain. This knowledge is generated, enhanced and distributed by the Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory (FAR) department. FAR has 85 analysts working in local teams across the worldwide Rabobank network. In terms of Tier I capital, Rabobank Group ranks among the world's 30 largest financial institutions.

Meet the Team

Tim de Boer

Director, Ketchum Amsterdam

Tim joined Ketchum in 1999 and has over 20 years of experience in marketing, change management and public affairs. He leads the Ketchum Amsterdam team and is a global Ketchum partner. Besides his management role Tim advises clients on strategy, transformation management and issue & crisis handling. He is a facilitator of strategy development and also an experienced host for round table sessions. In his personal life Tim is very passionate about food, running and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Isabel Boerdam

Food Lab Initiator, Ketchum Amsterdam

Isabel leads the Food Practice at Ketchum Amsterdam, working with major clients such as Nespresso, Schweppes, Zespri and Albert Heijn. She is really passionate about Food, Health and bringing this story to the world. That is why she also has her own food blog 'De Hippe Vegetariër' and writes a Lifestyle book about the modern vegetarian lifestyle. A real foodie at heart!

Kim Zoon

Food Lab Initiator, Ketchum Amsterdam

Kim is a communication professional at Ketchum Amsterdam, working for a broad range of consumer brands such as Airbnb and Nespresso. She approaches cases from every angle, comes up with creative solutions and plans and executes with a great eye for detail. Always ready to roll up her sleeves, she is passionate about working creatively and determined to go for the win.

Linda Eatherton

Director, Global Food & Beverage Practice

One of the leading authorities on the food and beverage sector, Linda has devoted her entire career to the food and agricultural industry and has served it from the inside out. She held leadership roles at Kraft Foods and Dairy Management Inc. before becoming director of Ketchum’s Global Food & Beverage Practice in 2000. Linda has counselled companies throughout the food chain and channel on issues, marketing, reputational and social challenges. At Ketchum she has led award-winning work for top firms including Nestle USA, ConAgra Foods, Wendy’s, Frito-Lay, the Kellogg Com... read more.

Tara Munday

Director, European Food & Beverage Practice

Tara leads the European Food & Beverage Practice, with a focus on brand strategy, activation, issues and crisis management. She builds on more than 20 years of PR agency experience across a number of consumer lifestyle brands to her work in this role. With a passion for running media-focused campaigns, Tara is an expert in driving brand-building campaigns and securing breakthrough coverage for products and brands across the increasingly cynical media and social media platforms. Tara recently led a European Union-funded campaign to create awareness of organic food and farm... read more.